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74: JD Sherman / HubSpot's COO On How Its Mission Has Inspired Growth Through The Years

JD Sherman, HubSpot's COO for the past 8 years, joined the podcast a few weeks ahead of his announcement that he will be leaving HubSpot in July of '21. Here, he talks about his working relationship with CEO Brian Halligan, how HubSpot's leadership team approaches strategy and planning, and how that translates to various teams and departments, HubSpot's decision to go wide as a platform rather than deep and upmarket as an automation tool, and much more.

73: Patrick Shea / How HubSpot Built A Community of Thriving Partners & What SMBs Can Learn from Enterprise (& Vice Versa)

An old friend Patrick Shea joins the pod to discuss the early days of HubSpot's partner program, how they went about building a powerful and thriving partner community, his transition to enterprise and what SMB marketers can learn from the enterprise playbook (and vice versa) and much more.

72: John & Pete / How Databox Uses Live Chat For Sales & Support (& Why It Took So Long To Roll It Out)

Today Pete Caputa joins the podcast to talk about how Databox is leveraging live chat + email in both the sales and support functions, how the approach differs from the traditional sales approach, and why it took Databox so long to roll it out (thoughtfully) over the last year.

71: April Dunford / Product Positioning Has a Positioning Problem––Here's How to Solve It

April Dunford joins the podcast to discuss her surprise (at least to her) hit book, Obviously Awesome. On this episode, we dig into some of the core product positioning lessons that April discusses in the book and coaches clients on, including: - How to tell if you have weak positioning - Where positioning should fall on a marketer's/executive's priority list - How the approach to positioning changes depending on the stage of your company - The 10-step process for defining your positioning, and... - The most important positioning lessons that April has learned throughout her career Enjoy.

70: Benji Hyam / Inside Grow & Convert's Content Marketing Framework for Growing Traffic, Leads, & Sales Through Content

Benji Hyam shares his experience running content marketing for a few companies in San Francisco and how that inspired him to start 2 companies––Wordable and Grow and Convert. The latter, a content marketing agency he's run for over 4 years, takes a unique approach to offering services around content marketing. Hear about their 4-step content framework for getting client's results no matter the industry.

69: Lindsay Tjepkema / Will Casted Become The HubSpot for Podcasts? Inside the First Podcast Platform for B2B

On this episode, Casted CEO and cofounder Lindsay Tjepkema joins the show to talk about its recent public launch and round of funding, how the company is growing and what's been working so far, and why genuine and helpful conversations are the next big thing for B2B brands to leverage as a driver for growth.

68: Meghan Keaney Anderson / A Decade(ish) of Marketing at HubSpot

Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, joins the pod to provide what is essentially an oral history of marketing at HubSpot. Anderson has been with HubSpot for 9 years, and in her words, it's like being with 3 different companies during that span due to all the different phases of growth. In this episode, Meghan provides all the details behind what makes HubSpot's marketing engine move, including: - how the team is structured - how their planning process works - how they set goals and cascade them down to the individual contributor - how they stay flexible to make adjustments, improve efficiencies, etc. - the channels they're investing more in, the ones that have evolved, etc. Enjoy!

67: Wes Bush / Why Product-Led Growth Is Outperforming Traditional Marketing & Sales Teams

In this episode, Wes Bush, author of Product-Led Growth, sits down with John to discuss all things PLG, including how it's different from marketing + sales-led organizations, the key levers for transitioning to product-led, how teams can get started, and much more.

66: Devin Bramhall / How Animalz Produces The World's Best Content

Today we're joined by Devin Bramhall, VP of Marketing at Animalz and previously head of content at Help Scout. Animalz is a content marketing services company that works with some of the most well-known companies in SaaS––Intercom, Wistia, ProfitWell, Zendesk, and Clearbit just to name a few. Here, Devin takes us through her process and outlook for creating great content. Hint: It doesn't involve writing. (At least, not exclusively.)

65: Daniel Waas / Lessons from 10 Years of Growing GoToWebinar

Daniel Waas spent 10 years managing and working on the same product––GoToWebinar. First with Citrix and later, after an acquisition, with LogMeIn, Waas's strength was perfecting and marketing a product that he himself knew better than anyone after hosting more than 500 webinars over the last 10 years. Here, Waas shares lessons learned after spending more than 10 years growing with the same company.

64: David Rostan / Calendly's Approach to Freemium & How Competition Sharpened Its Positioning

David Rostan, former VP of Sales & Marketing at Calendly, joins the pod to talk about how freemium helped shape Calendly's go-to-market approach and how growing market competition in the effort to own your calendar only sharpened Calendly's positioning.

63: John & Pete / Company Performance Is Not A Passive Sport

We’re back! In this episode, John and Pete return for some friendly banter and conversation around how Databox approaches reporting on company performance including what gets measured, the cadence of sharing and updating others on performance, individual and team responsibilities, and much more.

62: Melissa Matlins / Vimeo’s Journey to Full-Service SaaS & 1M Paying Subscribers

Vimeo's VP of Marketing, Melissa Matlins, dives deep into Vimeo's journey to become a full-service video platform and how they're repositioning the brand to support that.

61: Dan Slagen / How (and Why) ThriveHive Went All-In On Small, Local Businesses

ThriveHive CMO Dan Slagen joins John to discuss: - the challenges of marketing to the SMB - how to develop a marketing strategy for a high-churn, high CAC audience - how to foster a better working relationship between marketing and sales, and - how channel/partner marketing has been the key to it all

60: Maria Pergolino / How ActiveCampaign Grew to 80k Customers By Focusing On Product First

ActiveCampaign's CMO, Maria Pergolino, joins Ground Up to share: - how the company netted 80,000 customers by focusing more on product and less on marketing - why she's joined the company now and how marketing will continue to fuel growth, and - why they're leaning into brand and an already established community to grow

59: Ryan Bonnici / Inside G2's Explosive Growth

Ryan Bonnici, CMO at G2, checks in after 2 years at the company to share: - how they grew the team from 5 to 80 people - how he structures the marketing team into 3 pillars - how the marketing team measures success - the strategies that helped them grow monthly sessions from 500,000 to 5 million - his aggressive approach to goal-setting and planning - and more...

58: Andy Cook / Inside Tettra’s Long, Winding, and Persistent Path Toward Achieving Profitability

Andy Cook, cofounder and CEO at Tettra––a company wiki and internal knowledge base software––shares the company's journey from "Ramen profitability" to actual profitability over the course of several years. On this episode, he shares details around: - how he and his cofounder cut expenses to avoid going out of business - how a failed round of funding made profitability a necessity - how launching a freemium plan helped Tettra increase acquisition and adoption - how the team sets, prioritizes, and aligns around goals in order to stay on track

57: Elle Woulfe / Building a Content Engine, Brand-Centric Demand Gen, & The Importance of Left Brain/Right Brain Marketers

Elle Woulfe, a martech veteran with over 12 years working in SaaS for companies like Eloqua, Lattice Engines, and Path Factory shares her experiences in: - building a content marketing engine - hiring and structuring a marketing team - aligning your team around metrics/goals/plans - the most important skills a marketer needs in 2020 (and beyond) - and more...

56: Ellie Mirman / From HubSpot to Toast to Crayon: The Evolution of the Inbound Marketing Playbook

Ellie Mirman, CMO at Crayon, shares details on the early days of building the inbound marketing playbook at HubSpot, how the channels and mediums have changed, and how she’s successfully employed that inbound playbook at 2 other early-stage SaaS companies.

55: Kieran Flanagan / How HubSpot Instilled a Culture of Growth That Expanded Well Beyond Marketing

Kieran Flanagan, HubSpot's VP of Marketing, talks about the early days of freemium at HubSpot, instilling a growth discipline that expanded well beyond the marketing team, managing cross-functional teams, and more.

54: Joe Martin / How CloudApp Grew to 3 Million Users Without a Marketer on Staff

On this episode of Ground Up, Joe Martin shares: - CloudApp's journey to becoming a thought leader in customer experience, productivity, and collaboration. - How to get the marketing right for your freemium product (leveraging organic growth and referrals) - The role of historical data in building your marketing engine from scratch - And more!

53: Justin Jackson / How a Vulgar Card Game Helped Shape Transistor & Disrupt Podcast Hosting

Transistor cofounder Justin Jackson shares why he and his co-founder Jon started a "boring" podcast hosting company, how they netted their first 100+ customers, and how they modeled their growth in order to grow without outside investment.

52: Rebecca Corliss / Marketing in Survival Mode with Owl Labs (And HubSpot)

Rebecca Corliss talks about landing press coverage before you have a product or website, building a brand and content marketing engine from scratch, and marketing through survival mode.

51: Ben Jabbawy / Privy's Journey Back from (Almost) Out-of-Business

On this episode of Ground Up, Ben Jabbawy talks about pivoting, a failed acquisition, and how a handful of loyal customers helped fund their early growth.

50: Shane Murphy-Reuter / Intercom's SVP of Marketing On The Power of Consistent Messaging & Clear Differentiation

On this episode of Ground Up, Shane Murphy joins John to discuss consistency in messaging, moving upmarket, and how to differentiate in a crowded market.

49: Patrick Campbell / Lessons from 7+ Years of Bootstrapping ProfitWell

Patrick Campbell sits down with John to share the peaks and valleys of bootstrapping ProfitWell over the last 7 years, including making $0 in year one, managing product/market fit, building a consulting model to help sell Price Intelligently, and going through 2 bouts with cancer.

48: Kyle Lacy / How Lessonly Built a Thriving Community–One Llama at a Time

On this episode, Kyle Lacy sits down with John Bonini to discuss brand-building, communicating your brand's vision, and battling imposter syndrome.

47: Jeanne Hopkins / Building Lola.com's Marketing Engine from Scratch

Jeanne Hopkins sits down with John to discuss building a marketing engine when you have no historical data/context, building a strong team, nurturing relationships, team accountability, and more.

46: Ground Table / Are website forms dying? Are chatbots a better experience?

On the very first Ground Table, Databox’s John Bonini is joined by Andrea Lechner-Becker (CMO at LeadMD), John McTigue (former EVP and cofounder at Kuno Creative) and Pete Caputa (CEO at Databox) to discuss how the website conversion has evolved. Are website forms dying? Are chatbots and/or live chat really a better experience? Should you really still be gating your content? Tune in to hear the debate. Check out the report referenced throughout the episode here: https://databox.com/website-form-conversion-rates

45: Doug Davidoff / HubSpot Sales Enterprise: The Great, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sales software savant, Doug Davidoff, joined us on Ground Up to discuss the 37 (yes, 37!) features of HubSpot Sales Enterprise.

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